C4 Training

The fourth training was held place at the Escola Profissional de Espinho, in Espinho (Portugal) from 5th to 7th April 2022.

During this training, participants had the opportunity to get to know each other and the projects and demonstrators that were being developed, allowing them to learn about other countries and customs in addition to technical knowledge and to improve their English language skills.

In this training, practical aspects of the project were addressed, such as Node RED, MQTT, among others, used to implement Artificial Intelligence in the different sectors in which the IO´s work.

In addition, there was the opportunity to learn first-hand about the teaching processes at CEPROF, its facilities, and an interesting visit to the University of Aveiro.

 5th April 2022

09:00 Welcome of the participants
09:15 Opening Cerimony Session
09:30 Each team presents their team, school and city
10:30 Coffee-break
10:45 Each team presents one IO that has been developed for the AI4VET project
12:30 Lunch at a local restaurant
14:00 Visit to the school facilities and presentation of the school courses
15:30 End of day 1

 6th April 2022

09:30 Welcome of the participants
09:45 Training in Node Red, MQTT, App Inventor and Voice Recognition
10:30 Coffee-break
10:45 Training in Node Red, MQTT, App Inventor and Voice Recognition
13:00 Lunch at a local restaurant
14:30 Transportation to Aveiro
15:30 Visit to the University of Aveiro e sight seeing
18:00 Transportation back to Espinho
19:00 End of day 2

 7th April 2022

09:15 Meeting at school
09:30 1- Kahoot
2- Escape Room – Think as Fast as Lightning
3- Presentation of CEPROF’s student projects 4- Geocaching (TBC)
13:00 Farewell lunch
14:30 Certificates ceremony and Evaluation Procedures
15:30 End of day 3
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