C2 Training

Due to travel constraints, the second student training had to be moved to May, and was held on the 24th, 25th and 26th in Wysokie (Poland).

In this training, students and teachers from all partners were able to advance in the study of Artificial Intelligence applied to voice recognition and its application with chatbots. We also had the opportunity to visit the facilities of our partner CKZ and to visit the Technical University of Białystok.

 24th May 2022

09:00 Welcome of the participants
09:15 Opening Cerimony Session
09:30 Each team presents their team, school and city
10:30 Coffee-break
10:45 Each team presents one IO that has been developed for the AI4VET project
12:30 Lunch
14:00 Visit to the school facilities
15:30 End of day 1

 25th May 2022

09:30 Welcome of the participants
09:45 Training in voice recognition
10:30 Coffee-break
10:45 Training in voice recognition
13:00 Lunch Time
14:30 Training in chatbots
16:30 End of day 2

 26th May 2022

09:00 Meeting at Odessa Hotel
09:15 Transportation to Technical University in Białystok
10:15 Visit to the Technical University in Białystok
13:15 Transportation back to Wysokie Mazowieckie
14:15 Lunch Time
15:45 Certificates ceremony and Evaluation Procedures
16:45 End of day 3 
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