Third Meeting

On 18 and 18 January 2022 the third meeting of the project was held in Novo Mesto (Slovenia).

A presentation of the interim report submitted to the Spanish national agency, SEPIE, could be made, although the quality assessment was not available, the good rating obtained was shared afterwards, as well as the points for improvement that were highlighted.

This meeting served to check the progress of all project activities, the influence of COVID on the project and the adaptation to this situation.

The progress of the scenarios that make up the intellectual products was presented, and the problems encountered, and the solutions adopted were shared.


18th January 2022

09:30 Welcome Partners
09:45 Budget Categories. Financial Rules. Justification – Interim Report
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 Management Plan. Partners’ Communication Plan
12:00 AI4VET Project Description. Work Plan. Timeline
13:00 Lunch Time
15:00 Dissemination & Exploitation
16:00 Reviewing Administrative Tools
17:00 End of meeting
18:00 Free time
20:00 Official dinner

19th January 2022

09:30 Welcome Partners
10:00 Working with Output 1 – Reviewing Scenarios
11:30 Coffee Break
11:45 Working with Output 2 – Reviewing Scenarios
13:15 Lunch Time
15:00 Visiting NOVO MESTO facilities
16:30 Working with Output 3 – Reviewing Scenarios
18:00 Certificates, Quality, Survey – End of Meeting
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