Second Meeting

On September 28, 2021, the second meeting of the AI4VET project took place at the Centrum Kształcenia Zawodowego w Wysokiem Mazowieckiem (Poland) facilities, the first we have held in person, so we have had the great pleasure of meeting face to face.

Thanks to all the participants for the high human and technical quality! We have formed an exceptional working group!

We had the opportunity to discuss the different aspects that the project encompasses, such as management, intellectual products, or future meetings and training activities, without neglecting very important aspects such as the dissemination of the project and the budget.

It has been a great idea to propose a formal dinner as the culmination of the long working day, in which we have been able to talk and exchange opinions in a more relaxed atmosphere.


28th September 2021

09:30 Welcome Partners
09:35 Partners’ Presentation (All Partners, 10’ aprox. per partner, including videos, etc.)
10:30 Management Plan. Partners’ Communication Plan
10:45 Coffee Break
11:00 AI4VET Project Description. Work Plan. Timeline
12:00 Visiting CKZ facilities
13:00 Lunch Time
15:00 Description of Intellectual Outputs. – WORKING WITH SCENARIOS
16:30 Dissemination & Exploitation
17:00 Budget Categories. Financial Rules. Justification – Interim Report
17:30 Spanish C1 training
17:45 Certificates, Quality, Survey – End of Meeting
18:00 Free time
20:00 Official dinner
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