First Meeting

After several previous informal meetings, the first meeting of the AI4VET project (Artificial Intelligence applied to home automation, automotive and industrial maintenance) has finally been held on January 21 and 22, 2021.

This first formal contact has been most productive, in which we have had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to all the individual participants and project partners.

We have set out the operating rules that we have agreed on regarding the responsibilities, budget, agenda and the results and exploitation of the project.

The importance of the project management plan has been highlighted, which is based on the Erasmus + Results (project card), the Mobility Tool and the Google Drive as a means of sharing, managing and storing documentation.

We have all had to adapt, modifying the agenda initially planned for the Covid pandemic, modifying the dates of some of the project activities.


21st January 2021

09:30 Welcome Partners
09:35 Partners’ Presentation (All Partners, 10’ aprox. per partner, including videos, etc.)
10:30 Grant Agreement, Partners’ Agreement
10:45 Management Plan. Partners’ Communication Plan
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20 AI4VET Project Description. Work Plan. Timeline
11:40 Description of Intellectual Outputs
13:00 Lunch Time
15:00 Overview of KA2 projects
15:30 Dissemination & Exploitation
16:00 Budget Categories. Financial Rules. Justification
16:30 Partners’ questions
17:00 End of first day

22st January 2021

09:00 Activities to develop per partner. Discussion
10:00 Review IOs content. Partner’s questions
11:00 Coffee Break
11:20 Quality Plan. Monitoring&Assessment
11:40 Fix Date of next meeting. Summarizing activities for coming months. Deadline for delivery
12:00 Quality Questionnaire
12:15 End of meeting
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